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Case Results


$5.5 million awarded by jury to the family of 13-year-old client who was killed while riding a full-sized ATV unsupervised at a classmate's house. This case further enhanced existing law regarding a parent’s duty to exercise reasonable care in training and supervision of their child, especially in an instance of negligent entrustment of a potentially dangerous machine such as an ATV. You can read more about this case here.


Multi-million dollar confidential settlement during trial against a manufacturer of 15-passenger vans. Because of the vehicle's negligent design, the vehicle rolled over and my client was severely and permanently injured. Between this and other settlements in this case, we were able to secure the best future and permanent care for our client in this severe accident.


$500,000 settlement with drug rehabilitation facility for the wrongful death of a patient who was not properly supervised while an inpatient at the facility. The facility overdosed my client on methadone and negligently failed to perform the required periodic check-ups which resulted in my client's premature death.


$500,000 settlement with an assisted living facility for negligently allowing our elderly client to wander outside the facility, where she was hit by a car and killed. Cases like this are important because they provide incentives to nursing homes and assisted living facilities to implement and execute more stringent safety and security measures.